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Make $1000's Referring



Clients to Us

How Our Referral Program Works 

DPMG  has recently developed a referral program for real estate agents that allows agents to refer their investor clients to our property management services. Agents can earn commission through referrals, and receive 25% for each client that signs up.

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Refer Your Client to Us

Simply call us or email us with your client's information and we will do the rest. By referring us a client, we will refer them back to you when they are ready to sell or buy.  

We Will Contact Your Client

We will reach out to your client and share our property management package with them.

You Get Paid

Once the client signs up. You will get paid 25% of the total contract value. If it's leasing only, you will get paid 15% of one month's rent. 

Example: A client has a rental house @2500.00/Month. We charge 7% of one month's rent for management.

You will make: $525.00

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