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At DPMG we think and act like property owners. For most owners, when there’s an issue and something needs to be repaired it can be near-impossible to get a vendor to respond on a short notice. We are available 24/7 to both you and your tenants. We have an open-door policy, and constantly keep you up to date on the status of your Property. Should there be an issue, our phone is available 24/7 to deal with any type of emergencies. Our policy is that we always look for the best vendor and the best price when something needs to be fixed or repaired. We reach out to at least 3 vendors and provide and share pricing with the owner before we get a green light to go ahead. A lot of property management companies will mark up certain services and then bill the client. At DPMG There is absolutely NO MARK-UP on any contractor jobs. For example: If we are to hire a plumber and his bill is $200.00 then we would charge you exactly $200.00.


We handle major capital improvement projects in compliance with ever-changing building code.


From maintenance to tenant selection we go above and beyond to ensure your condo or house has been leased to the best possible tenant(s) and that that property is well maintained, and everything is up to date so that we get A+ tenants. The tenant selection process is to find the best tenants in the shortest amount of time possible. The screening is made up of rigid procedures which includes:

Employment Letter, Income verification (2 recent payment stubs), Credit check, Reference and Criminal check (if requested by the owner).

Rent collection - All the rent is made payable to DPMG trust account, from there management fees and maintenance expenses (if any) are deducted, the balance is then deposited into the Owner’s bank account within 2-4 business days.

We handle all tenant complaints and deal with any late payments and issuing of notices or applications to the Board.

Remember there is NO management fee if the rental unit is vacant.

Ensuring the property is prepared in a timely manner for the new tenant’s occupancy. This may include management coordinating: painting, cleaning, and minor repairs.


At DPMG we give tenants the support they need to enjoy and love their homes. Happy tenants will treat your rental property like their own and are always likely to re-sign again and again.


It is important to understand that unsuitable tenants may pose problems to the owner which can include lost revenue, hefty repair bills and vacancy. That is why we always screen every tenant to make sure that they respect the terms and conditions of the lease and that they are financially capable of paying rent on time.


Landlords also must follow the rules outlined in the Residential Tenancies Act and the rules in the rental agreement.


At DPMG we act as a full time Landlord for your property and we comply with all the rules as per the Ontario Tenancy act.


At DPMG we list your property on many high traffic channels such as Kijiji, MLS, ViewIT,, Facebook and others

For student rentals we list your property on Facebook , Places4students, Kijiji and other University/College platforms such as and more


We also provide Professional photography for all your listings

Staging is optional (at owners expense)


We meet and greet the potential tenant at the property. We show them around and answer any questions relating to the property and rent.


DPMG will conclude 2 routine property inspections per year and one move in and one move out inspection and drive by inspections. This also sets the stage for a positive professional relationship with the tenant.
During the routine inspection we always ensure that the Smoke alarms are where they belong and are working, Furnace filters are replaced, Lint traps in Laundry Machines are clean, Furnace room is free of clutter, Fire Extinguishers are present, C02 Alarms are in good working order ect…
Routine inspections can help prevent big problems down the road. This inspection will be conducted every six months to ensure that the property is still in top condition. It will allow us to stay on top of maintenance issues and gives tenants a chance to correct any damage they have caused before it gets worse.


Get a whole new perspective on your property portfolio.
At DPMG we partnered up with an award-winning app where the owner can see everything that happens on any of the properties in real time and at your fingertips.
Get monthly and annual statements that show where every dollar went on each of your properties.


If you are looking for an incredible property management company, then get in touch! We look forward to your call — and we’re ready to help you

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